SCAF 3967

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  • A contract can be negotiated with your Kingstree Auction Company, LLC. representative to fit your individual needs. Please read the contract carefully, sign, and then return it to the auction office.


  • It is possible for your items to be transported to the sale yard. Please contact the office if transportation is needed. There will also be employees available to assist with unloading and placement of your equipment on the sale yard.


  • Titles must be handed in with all vehicles, trailers, and equipment when the item is checked into the sale yard. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Titles must be checked for any discrepancies. If there is a lien on the vehicle, trailer, or equipment, the lending institution must be contacted and a letter must be submitted to Kingstree Auction Company, LLC. with a payoff figure and to whom grant the funds.
  • A $25 title fee will be charged to the buyer of the item, not the seller.
  • An item can be sold with no title but will clearly be marked on the vehicle, trailer, or equipment as “No Title” or “NT”.

Price Protection

  • Kingstree Auction Company, LLC. does not provide price protection during any auctions. A person must be present to represent their item; any item not represented will be sold as absolute.

Post Auction

  • After the auction you will receive a detailed list of your items that were sold and the price sold for. Check the information given and if there are any questions about the list, please call our office.
  • A check will be mailed to the address the seller has provided on the contract within 10 business days of the sale.


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